What are the Most Favoured Activities in Andamans

What are the Most Favoured Activities in Andamans

Snorkelling :

Andamans offers the best snorkelling sites in all of India with rare variety of coarals and rich marine species all around. The most preferred snoekelling island is Havelock wher you foind a variety of site with Elephant Beach as the most favoured. There are other sites at North Bay, Jolly Buoy Island and Neil island

Scuba Diving :

Scuba diving is an equally favoured activity in Andaman with numerouse dve spots in and around Port Blair and Havelock. This activity requires some amount of training and well equiped dive centres ate availbale at Port Blair, Havelock & Neil. Ther are vrious packages offered with different dive spots covering full day activity. It is altogether a different experience and a whole new world to see underneath.

Game Fishing :

It a comparatively new activity introduced in the Andamans where you can charter a private fully equiped boat for a full or half a day and go out fishing a varirty iof fish including Tuna. You can

Water sports :

There are a variety of water sport activities at Carbyns, cove, Neil Island, Havelock island with water scooters, para sailing etc

Visit Limestone caves at Baratang :

The visit to the Baratang passing through the dense forests of Jarawa reserve is an activity in itself. You navigate by boat through the mangroves to reach the natural lime stone cave formation. It is a natural wonder on how these caves were formed and discovered.

Turtle Nesting at Diglipur :

It is one of the natural wonders of the world and also one of the biggest turtle nesting ground in the world. Five different varieties of turtles come to these shores to lay eggs and is a wonderful sight. This is purely a nigh activity with thousands of turtle digging across the beaches to lay eggs.

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